For the Common Love of Dog and Country.

You’re in the military and serving your country. Then, you get news you’re going to be deployed overseas for a year. As if that weren’t enough to deal with, you have a dog and no relatives nearby to take care of him. You can’t give him up and you certainly don’t want to take him to the shelter to face euthanasia. What do you do?

This same scenario happened to the military couple Alisa and Shawn Johnson. They had just adopted their australian shepherd J.D. when they got the news they were both being deployed. They had to scramble to find a place for J.D. while they were gone. It was then they decided to start Dogs On Deployment, a non-profit organization to help soldiers and families find foster homes for their dogs when they have to serve overseas. The organizations’ main objective is to keep military soldiers from having to face the same hard dilemma that Alisa and Shawn did.  Since the organization first started 2 years ago, Dogs on Deployment has helped to place over 225 dogs. Their motto is “For the common love of dog and country.”


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